Miri Larendaughter is the main protagonist in the series Princess Academy.

Biography Edit

When Miri's mother was pregnant with her, she suffered a severe accident in the quarry and was so seriously injured, Miri was born prematurely. Nevertheless, her mother held onto her for a week straight before she died due to her injuries.

Miri is named after a small mountain flower, the miri flower which children make wishes on. As a child, her father forbade her from setting foot in the quarry where the villagers work daily because that is where her mother died. As a result, she felt unwanted and assumes her small stature prevents her from being useful to her community. When the chief delegate of Danland announces that Mount Eskel would be the home of the future princess, Miri is chosen, along with other eligible girls, to attend the princess academy. At the academy, she discovers a passion for reading and manages to stand out among her peers due to her intelligence, critical thinking and leadership skills, and willingness to help her classmates despite bitter competition. Her exam scores eventually earn her the title of academy princess. In the end, she returns to her home with dreams of starting a village school.

Trivia Edit

  • Miri considers the knowledge that her mother held her for a week straight when she was born the most precious possession she owns.